The great outdoors

Just Being Outside

Gardening, picking strawberries or blueberries or muscadines, camping, hiking, fishing, birding, viewing the stars, swimming, hunting, participating in winter activities or relaxing in the hammock – just being outside, no matter what we are doing, reminds us of our Creator God. The following Web sites and books give ideas for outdoor activities to do with your family: 


God is a part of all His creation.

  • Spend time outdoors every day.
  • Listen. God still talks to us through His creation.
  • Enjoying nature at any age brings us closer to the God who created it.
  • We do see and hear and feel God when we look and listen for Him around us.
  • Being in a natural environment reduces stress and the physical damage of stress on the body.
  • Lack of sunlight affects the body adversely both physically and emotionally.
  • Growing a vegetable or flower garden reconnects us with God’s world. And it is even more of a blessing when done with family – children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents.
  • What better way is there to enjoy the wholeness that God created for us than to eat, move, and rest under the blue sky, bright sun, and brilliant stars of His world?

Remember: God’s world was made for us. Get out and enjoy it!

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