The bedroom

You spend one-third of your life in your bedroom. How do you make the most of all of that time? A bedroom should be a haven, an escape, a private sanctuary; a place for reflection; a place to read, to meditate, to pray, to listen to music, to daydream, to love, to sleep – a sacred retreat. This bedroom invites complete rest of body, mind and spirit.

A bedroom should be a place where all your senses are at home. Soothing colors, soft music, low lighting or candlelight, fragrant flowers, and soft pillows can help reduce the stress of the day. Even if there are no other fresh flowers in the house, I keep roses or other fragrant flowers in our bedroom and bathroom along with candles and favorite CDs.

Many times, I will use the sitting area in the bedroom for a quiet mini-retreat for myself or with my husband. I like to read there, nap there, or just listen and watch the birds out of our “wall of windows” in my favorite room of the house. Sometimes I have cheese or peanut butter and crackers and apples or strawberries and milk waiting for Bob when he gets home too late for a real dinner. This is our time to wind down. Time spent this way is better than time spent raising our stress levels listening to the nightly news.

The bedroom is a sanctuary for dreaming and a place where our dreams can begin to come true! Yes, dreaming is good for us. Good dreaming contributes to our psychological well-being by supporting healthy memory and warding off depression. Our brain restructures new memories during sleep, helping us to solve problems and become more insightful.

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