God first and last

As we wake to the sunlight made by God’s hands or drift off to sleep meditating on His Word, our first and last thoughts of the day should be of Him. Here’s a wonderful bedtime prayer to bless you as you sleep!

Lord Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit,
go back into my memory as I sleep.
Every hurt that has ever been done to me,
heal that hurt.
Every hurt that I have ever caused another person,
heal that hurt.
All the relationships that have been damaged in my
whole life that I am not aware of,
heal those relationships.
But, Lord, if there is anything that I need to do;
if I need to go to a person because he or she is still
suffering from my hand,
bring to my awareness that person,
I choose to forgive and I ask to be forgiven.
Remove whatever bitterness may be in my heart, Lord,
and fill the empty spaces with your love.

Author Unknown

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