Nature is God’s Wellness Kitchen

where Food is Medicine

God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. – Genesis 1:31

Food is medicine...

For most of my life, I have been captured by food and culture.  I traveled with my grandmother throughout the U.S., Mexico and Europe from the age of five or six into my teens.  I have lived in Israel, Costa Rica and Venezuela and have traveled to many other continents and countries.  Everywhere, it was food — food in gardens, food in fields, food in markets, food in home kitchens, food on the street — that connected me to the places I went and the people I met. The more I learned about food – whole food, real food, food and herbs used as medicine in many cultures — the more I began to understand through food science that the flavors we love lead us to the nutrients we need for health and well-being. 

I’m Pat Terry,

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Pat Terry

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The rutabaga resembles a large purple and yellow turnip and is sometimes called a Swedish turnip. This root vegetable was probably first cultivated in Russia,

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